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is not working we start with financials. they're the biggest drag. money center banks like bank of america down 1 1/4%. goldman down 1%. morgan stanley down .8 of a percent. all those stocks are under pressure. tech stocks notably weak. apple inching to the round 500 dollar level. down to 510. it was north of 700 when iphone 5 came out early september. so the bear market continues to apple. as you can see, google also down, down about five bucks on the day. ibm down slightly a .10 or two. hewlett-packard off today, down one 3/4%. coming up later we have a contrarian investors sees big opportunity for hp in 2013. he nailed down the move in bank of america this year. he said it was the stock to buy. he was right. stick around for what he has to say about hewlett-packard. interesting stuff. what an interesting day. let's look to the floor show. traders at new york stock exchange, the cme group and the nymex. my, oh, my. let's begin with ben willis at the newscy. -- nyse. we had some bias coming in the last half hour. >> as long as washington keeps santa claus hostage we'll continue to see this. "the
else would, as a parent. and that was especially true today. i no there is not a parent in america who does not feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful look kids between the ages of five in ten years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays congratulations, weddings, kids of a round. among the fallen were teachers, men and women who devoted there lives to helping our children to fill dreams, so our hearts are broken today for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these children and for the families of the adults or lost. our hearts are broken for the parents of the survivors as well or as blessed as they are to have their children home tonight, they know that their children have had their innocence torn away and there are no words that will ease their pain. as a country we have been through this too many times, whether in elementary school or a shopping mall or a temple in wisconsin or a movie theater or a street corner in chicago. these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these chil
of america. on your screen, leading the way up more than 104% year-over-year. so now the question many investors face is whether you double down on financials, or you take your marbles, your profits, and go home? will it continue into 2013, this party? app on the schutz is joining me in a fox business exclusive on the phone from rochester, new york. as you prepare for your new year's eve celebration, anton, we so appreciated you joining us on the phone. 104% gain, do you double down or say, okay, that can't happen twice? >> well, 104% isn't going to happen in 2013. however, there still is quite a bit of upside in bank of america. it dropped tremendously over the last couple of years leading into last year. there's a lot of tax laws at the end of last year which drove it down to $5 a share. obviously this year anybody who's bought it in the last year has had some pretty good gains. this stock was $18 just a couple of years ago and can certainly get back into the mid to upper teens. what it needs to get through is a better capital markets environment, so we hope that all these people in
have a rally without the financials. check out bank of america flirting with $11 a share. first time they have seen that in 18 months. citigroup also chugging higher. apple, though, let's take a. look, interesting day here once again. it is moving higher on better than expected iphone5 numbers in china. 2 million sold there. morgan stanley pounding the table. ipad and iphone demand remains robust. you need to own apple into the early part of 2013. earlier this morning, first, on the flip side, you have citigroup saying they are downgrading apple. my phone suppliers have cut back on some orders. attention, that donald's shareholders, here, i have one. i will put it on ebay. the race is officially over. we are talking pork, pickles, onions smothered in barbecue sauce. mcdonald's a widely held stock in light of your portfolios and 401(k)s. they bring it back every year for a limited time. look at what it is doing for the stocks. it is up one full percentage point today. it has been kind of a rough couple weeks. the fabulous mcrib, i do not know, is it really a rib? let's get to the floo
for employees. the stock is up more than 7% today. bank of america, as you see, moving higher. the biggest gainer on the dow. jpmorgan solidly in the green. a totally different story at the nasdaq. down on the session. apple getting a 5% haircut at the moment. just under 5%. perhaps tied to the apple, samsung dispute. there is a big court hearing tomorrow. samsung is expected to ask the judge for a brand-new trial. apple down 22% from its september highs. right around the time where the iphone5 with release. the markets showing more conviction today. let's get right to the floor show. i rub, in chicago, i want to start with you. very shallow moves up and down. >> we are getting closer to the mayan calendar. no one is mentioning it, but the reality is that each day we get closer to december 18, that is when you have the real problems looking you in the eye. seeing people the congress does not help. how much of it is the chess game and how much of it is the poker game. that is what we are seeing right now. gold does not know where to go. it has no story. it is concerned with austerity. if we
. bank of america, jpmorgan, citigroup, wells fargo, all of them in the green but not as far as they have been. in economically sensitive group. up about 1.5%. similar story for dupont, gold corporation holding onto most of its leads. let's find out what the traders made of it. you were there in the thick of it at the new york stock exchange. >> as you say, he hadn't said hello and left us at the altar started talking. this is the difference between what the policy says and the reality underneath the policy when the fed chairman, ben explains what they're doing. number one is that we determined the advocacy of the e-zines is not doing the trick, they will go to plan b., whatever that is. he said they do not have an unlimited bazooka so to speak to do this. that put a reality on the market. ultimately what will happen is they will put in a lot of money out to the marketplace for some time to come, and now have tied to 6.5% if not lower. the real issue they have, looking at things like the velocity of the money supply. it is just not making its way to the general economy, this being held at
. the cash equity business has been obliterated in america for and parts of the world but particularly in the u.s.. liz: we were showing the volume coat over the past several years, you have seen it volatile but always on a trajectory that is downward and here it is, trading volume on the decline so they have to do something to survive. are you a little win some for the old nasdaq deal $42 a share versus this one which is $33.12 a share? >> i don't know that when some is the word. [talking over each other] >> i am grateful no matter what is going on. the cash equity business, regulation, introduced hyper competition. it fragmented the market, pull off volume, squeezed margins and investors are investing less in cash equity. there has been so much in a way of scandals and regulatory overkill that people kind of walked away, looking at real-estate, new york had to cope with a diminishing high, and cash equities, and it is a smaller pie. they have to merge. to bring their costs down. and lay off their people. ice does get this international future. and it is that pretty good idea. liz: as
think we all know that every income-tax dollar in america is going to pay a higher rate come january 1st unless congress acts. tracy: that looked like progress on capitol hill, and it means progress in the market, that is until senator harry reid dump a little bit of water on house speaker john boehner contingency plan now known as planned the. good afternoon. i'm liz claman. is the last hour of trading. a nice move as we head into "countdown to the closing bell." the speakers plant be. along with president obama inching towards higher income threshold for tax cut expiration's the market is charging ahead, but in the last hour senator reid said the proposal from boehner will not pass the senate. the market is surging once again a high of the session up 117 points for the dow, right now better by 97. this is the breadth of the market, overwhelmingly positive meaning the advance is outpacing the decline. the dow jones industrial, as you can see, nice move. twenty-seven down 30 components are up. united technologies and in tela the best performerr. general electric, one of the few weak link
, europe has itself under control in america is about to. they are the leaders right now. liz: are we at $90?f course thet session. >> we are right there, but i will stick with my gun and say what we said last year. i am a buyer at 85, that is supply and demand thing. with the market the way we are at the end of the year, low volume tends to get in the way. i think financials getting spiked over the year, more of a rally tomorrow but i will stick with my gun, don't think you'll miss the move if you don't get in here at the dollars going forward. i am a buyer at 85, a seller at 90. liz: more than $0.50 away. when we started we were $0.03 away. >> it is a lot easier than it looks, good luck selling $90. liz: $89.51 at the moment. thanks to everybody on the floor show. we'll watch the market so carefully but when you pick apart individual stories the one that has captured the attention of this nation today in a very big way is the facebook instagram story. dollar signs dancing is now turned blurry after a massive pr misstep causing a near revolt giving competitors glittery eyed. facebook
effective, so we are somewhat stable there. good growth in asia-pacific and latin america and frankly the united states as well. liz: the competitor, cisco coming in, they want into the optical switch business ramping up, how would you stay ahead of them? >> they're very specialist player. we're not trying to be all things to all people. as such we have a lot of leading technology in this space and already won a lot of the major deals ready to roll out. tracy: are you hiring now going forward? here in the u.s.? speaker yes, we're actually doing some hiring in the united states. liz: good to see you, have a happy holiday. >> thank you, you two. liz: 46% over the past year. gary smith saying they have a good year ahead. the fed are going after a star in the hedge fund world through employee who left the company two years ago going so hard to the point they want a former employee to flip and cooperate with the investigation. charlie gasparino has the latest on the screws content to be tightened. you need to see this story. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing bet
is the best performer right now. jpmorgan of nearly 2% right now. bank of america gaining another 1.5%. shares of 90% this year. basic materials among the worst. alcoa up by more than 1%. payroll coming in well above expectations. 146,000 jobs added in the month of november. sandy did not have that much of an impact on the numbers. unemployment fell to the lowest level in nearly three years to 7.7%. more people stopped looking for work, all together. consumer sentiment, not as strong heading into the holidays. preliminary index actually fell in december. economists had to look for a slight increase. investors continue to get out of apple. the tech giant having its worst week since they of 2010. apple is in they are barking territory. shortly after the iphone5 came out, part of it in the near profit. let's get to the floor show. bobby, i want to start with this jobs number today. the labor department says no affect on sandy. there was some data that pointed to the fact that people were leaving the workforce because of sandy. >> the numbers speak for themselves. i do not think the full effects c
of america and caterpillar. all of that pales in comparison with research in motion. the stock getting taken out to the woodshed. the services business is about 30% of revenue. to be pretty clear about this, research in motion change the pricing model for 2013, and the impression is it the thumbs down. totally different story for investors. the software maker jumping about 4.5% here. better than expected third-quarter numbers. prescription revenues are up year-over-year. we are going to talk about the drivers. something called private cloud with red hat ceo, james whitehurst. what uncertainty is cooking up. we will ask them as a business leader, his perception of ceos who blame the uncertainty for what is happening to their companies and their stocks. okay, when we look at the calendar, almost single digits -- 10 days before we head over the fiscal cliff. it really doesn't look like we're any closer to a deal. now, there is no plan. it is republicans fighting while democrats watch. reporter: that's right. speaker boehner in the face of opposition from dozens of conservative republicans who o
in the green, bank of america doing some heavy lifting today. it's the one dow stock hitting new highs. good afternoon, everybody, i'm ashley webster, the last hour ever trading, and the count down to the closing bell begins right now. as i said earlier on, appears the bulls had too much eggnog and christmas cheer thanks to the continued uncertainty of washington, no real progress on a debt deal. the house speaker stuck in a blizzard in ohio, but you know what? the dow managed to raise earlier, just up a hint now, just a touch. meanwhile, the nasdaq, the s&p500, and the russell, as you can see, down slightly on the day after christmas. retail stocks are casting a follow on the market, the s&p500, the high end end names, all in the red. we got coach, high end retailers such as tiffany moving lower, ralph lauren, urban jut fitters lower on poor data on sales this holiday season, and it's all due to the latest holiday spending figures that the stocks move lower. sales decreasing at a slow pace since the recession hit in 2008 according to the mastercard survey, the latest one. we'll pick apart t
of america. it trades at one fifth of the value of apple. you get ten to 20 times as much in sales or profits and book value. that does not mean it is a great company. it means that the share price already reflects that it is a struggling company. it reflects the fact that apple is a golden success story. it has to remain a golden success story for the coming ten to 20 years. liz: you are so welcome to show people the trends over the years. i am glad we identified exxon mobil. thank you. it is great to have you on the program. ethan allen. a big name out there. has all the comforts of home. it is everything. the retailer is riding the wave of a housing recovery. on top of that, it is dishing out money to shareholders before the end of the year. farooq kathwari on what he fast dividend. his 70 plus stores in china and how good he thinks the holiday shopping season may be. that is next in a fox business exclusive. ♪ can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's righ i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you ow we've been open al
straddling the flat wine. otherwise mcdonald's moving higher, banc of america, decent tech names like hewlett-packard flexing their muscles as well. hewlett-packard jumping 3%, $0.56, bottom fishing going on there, some of the story and until up nearly 2%, verizon and at&t are the weak links along with jpmorgan chase. traders at the stock exchange, cme group and nynex, gold traded as well, when gold dropped $26 overnight and continues through the day what was it like, floor? >> those guys were pretty busy today but $26 is not a huge move for $1,700 product. but clearly something is going on. liz: if it goes below $1,700 which is one of those levels gold bugs look at, that becomes a big deal. >> people have a love affair with round numbers. they get infected, $90 crude or $70 gold. they are just another number. gold is a strange party. we talked about a few times. i feel like it is overpriced based on this relationship to something like platinum where platinum traded well over bold and now is different but to see that the dollar is lower and gold is lower there are players who have issues or a
, and that's the sort of products that america exports. farmers, the midwest, these people are going to benefit for the next 20 years on this trend. lori: so this is -- >> i pick monsanto. i really like monsanto. i think that's the best biotech company in the world, and it's going to play a major role in creating more and more productivity per acre for farmers. lori: and are you looking solely at the u.s. domestic investments? you've got to work multi-nationals into this as well, right? we were talking with the ceo of agco who says they're investing in africa because of challenges here in the u.s.. >> there's no question about it. and there are a lot of people looking at agricultural land in brazil. that is another big area. and i think this is going to expand, but the demographics especially in asia are outstripping the supply to matter how fast we start turning land into productive land. lori: okay. good info. paul dietrich, thank you, sir. >>> all right, minutes away from the closing bell. you'll want to keep it right here on fox business. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer they are a glowi
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